Friday, May 9, 2008

my another blog

haha!admit..i am kinda hangat hangat tahi ayam ;)
c u all there !

Monday, March 31, 2008


Each and every of the cakes are very precious.

they bring laughter and joy to so many events. small little cakes have big meanings and they are powerful enough to bring thrilling surprises to countless birthday boys and girls. they might not be very expensive but the joy is priceless.

hey, aren't they merely a mixture of flour and sugar?? where comes the power within them?

It's the power of care and love

happy birthday fanhua


and happy birthday too zhiwei

Friday, March 14, 2008

hai mid term break

Folks,sorry for being late in writing anything but so many things have been happening since then that it's been hard to get my mind sorted out enough to really sit down and write.Or more precisely its due to my lazyness.Cracking my head with my hostel problems.The past few days were a lil' crazy for me,2 mid terms in a roll!!Its Engineering Maths 2 and Structuring Data and Building Algorithms.and i m always poor in my programming code.Striving to cope with the adorable subject but my mind just refuses to make it.

My angel said:" no no must study dear.." But then you know,Devil always wins..

Indulging myself in backstreet babies songs right now.yeaa tomorrow i am off to penang,my home sweet home.i miss my parents and my dora.As usual my friends n i are heading to pavilion before on our way back just for the unresistable *siliva bursting*

our 12th general election results are out.BN lost its 2/3 majority, and lost an additional of 4 states (Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor), besides continue to lose Kelantan. That is definitely the biggest lost for Barisan National in the history of Malaysia.I just wana reiterate my loyalty to MCA and BN though i might not so clear with all those politic issues.But all i know is their sincerity to serve.Many are now excited about the change, and seem to be taken into believe that the current alliance of DAP-PKR-PAS can bring change.Definitely we all hope to see a day, that we Malaysians will no longer see each other by their racial line.Wishing that our new leaders are able to bring new positive changes on our motherland.

sayang Malaysia,always =)

p/s congratulations cory!!u really do very well in ur stpm,passing with flying colours and we all are really proud of you!!4As man!!All the best k and we know that you will succeed in your foreseeable future.heart u^^

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


aint feeling so good.not going to use "backstepped" to describe it cos it sounds too serious but i just hate people who breaking promise just for the sake of their own benefits.It really feels no good.and yet that fle still behaves so innocent and just pretend like non of her business.Din she knows that i m in trouble as well due to her decision.

wish that everything will run smoothly though now we all are in sixth and seventh.and just PLEASE,if u cant keep ur words,never promise anyone anything!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

engineering week 2008

this weekend was really packed.
exhausted is the only word to express it.
Tired,sleepy.deprived of sound sleep
though the weather is so windy n comfortable.

E-week 2008 opening day
tzeying,yeanfern,ehuey,cynthia =)

E-week is the abbreviation of Engineering Week and is to inculcate an inquisitive and a healthy competitive culture among the MMU community.and this year we are able to introdure SCI-FI (science fiction)convention!!

today is the first day of event.
3rd -- 9th march
more pics to go ;)

shiying n yfern

b4 watching vantage point at the curve

engineering week 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

flashing back..

ehem..seems like i accidentally let my blogspot collecting dust again.
aint a good practise huh


new sem has started and it comes to the end of Week5 d

again,hectic and exciting days

burning our ass for endless assignments

bloody mid term exams for last minutes kaki

cracking our head for lab sessions

"sacrifising" some diods and resistors as usual =.=

figuring out the nooks and crannies of everyday adventure

"hiking" to our lecture hall everyday

enjoying spicy yummylicious food

adorable shopping spree

relaxing at shopping mall or more precisely spending

yoga-ing..keep stress at bay

brushing up my lousy cantonise

deejay-ing in every tuesday night

secretary of Engineering Week 2008

trying to keep my eye on the ball

thinking twice before i plunk down money

resolving unfinished business

missing penang my home


the day of deejay competition!!

as i told you penang kaki always having super good appetite

flooded by


cis budak ni..

another evidence that penang kaki do eating A LOT


Sunday, January 20, 2008


搬 家 啦
我 的 部 落 格 要 搬 家 啦
要 迁 到 无 名 小 站 wretch 去 写 网 志 了 ;D

mmu debate home

mmu debate home
it was the last training i joined with all of you guys..its truely sad but what can i do besides accepting it as a fact. After final exam, jeff n i will have to transfer to cyberjaya campus.. T.T i learn a lot from you all. Best luck in the coming match in taiwan and don't forget my souveniers=D

PE 102

PE 102
my foundation coursemates =) farewell for our alpha year after a great year crazying together. when i first came to melacca,i just wish to get back to pg as soon as possible..that's what a homesick girl was,haha! but when the day came for me to leave melacca,its truely sad n reluctant to separate with all of my friends..

chicken gang..haha!

chicken gang..haha!
24 may 2007 never thought that 6 of us will become such great buddies =D shinqyee,yityin,ben,kelvin,leon..a year had passed and we are going to respective mmu for beta year >< yityin leon n me are going to cyberjaya to pursue electrical engineering majoring in electronics while you guys will stay back in melacca campus for mechanical engineering. i still remembered how we all first was in physics lab where mr.hazimin asked us to form a group for following experiments..i miss those days we hanging out together,studying together. promise that we all will strive for the best together ya ! =)

my 18 birthday =)

my 18 birthday =)
it was my first birthday not celebrated in my hometown.thanks a lot guys =D that day we really ate a lot..burger king secret recepi continuosly,haha! its a sweet memory for me that i will keep it in my heart forever~**

birthday =)

birthday =)
30 nov 2006..celebrating my 18 birthday with my debate buddies =) everthing likes in a flash,i still remembered the day we all went for the debate interview at FSER,and 12 of us were formed a group to go through training together for the competition in coming year. really thanks and i miss you all a lot!! flashing back,dat night i was sitting for physics exam before i went to CLC to join you all for meeting. It was a surprise bday party =) amy,i still remembered your advice to me at that night,really thanks,muakss~**


the view from my class when i was form 5 =)

cousin's wedding

cousin's wedding
31 dec 2006 with my lovely cousins karen and elaine =) are we look alike? our dads are twin,haha!But as a student who studied biology for 2 years ( luckily just 2 years >< ),there is no reason why we should look the same as..we are not twin ><


this was the apartment where i stayed for a year during my alpha year in melacca..IXORA apartment,haha =) its a memorable place as i still remembered me n my housemates had to walk down to ground floor from 11th floor at 3am in the midnight as there was fire occured.we all were burning the midnight oil for the next morning chemistry exam.That night i could see some girls in pyjamas bringing their pets,pillows,laptop,soft toys down to the ground floor,haha XD But the worst thing was we all had to climb up to our apartment unit at 11th floor.erm,it was a great exercise to eliminate n burn our fat after leading a sedentary life for few weeks(need to get onto the chair n table to study >< )haha!ends up we all going to sit for the exam with a pair of horrible panda eyes..


5 may 2007 me and great debate group friends at steamboat buffet in melacca =) it was a farewell for me..sobs..after the dinner, we went to klebang beach.its too dark till we cant see everything clearly.but we had a great n fun time at there,listening to each other talk,hiding people's shoes ( sounds childish >< ) By the way, are we too old for acting cute ? XD haha!

leadership training camp

leadership training camp
its chaojia, yinshan n me in front of jit sin high school hall.The camp was mainly held by seniors from UPM and 3 of us joined as facilitators in the 3days-2nights camp in our previous secondary school. Flashing back, i did join this camp when i was form4,but that time i joined as a member who represented maths society.Time flies.. >< The camp was great n memorable where i get to know those seniors and juniors,as well as learn that studying is not merely for exams,its for the sake of pursuing knowledge and answering our curiousity..=)

leadership training camp

leadership training camp


haha.lisher n me being fool at our apartment in cyberjaya XD misuse the boxing glove !


shinqyee n me in melacca. its really bad that we cant study together anymore. Meantime, do visit us at cyberjaya,haha !

yityin, lisher n i at kelvin's hostel to celebrate zhen hui's birthday =) we are old housemates and penang kaki,haha! Striving hard to achieve our mission and that is ==> eat eat eat !!

forever memory

forever memory
haha,look at our short hair XD

training camp

training camp
my group member n i in a training camp. He is the future leader of jshs scout,haha !

my workstation..haha! the messy place where i do my homeworks n dreaming ><